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If you're looking for stories of adventure filled with madcap fun and monsters, I've got you covered.

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The road to bringing make-believe to life is pretty weird. You're welcome to come along.

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The Color of Madness

Are you ready to get crazy with color? The Color of Madness is the first…

2017 World Tour

Convention season is here! (and it's gonna be a long one) This year, we're stepping…

Tales from the Terrible Scary

It's time for a brand new series! Welcome to Tales from the Terrible Scary, a…

About the Author

donovan-schererI’m Donovan Scherer, an author and illustrator creating worlds of adventure with a sense of humor and a little bit of dread that everything will go terribly, terribly wrong. I tend to think in cartoon, but since animation would take me longer than I’d like to keep you waiting on my stories, I write and illustrate them instead.