Movie Time

I’ve been making dumb videos since I was nine years old. Claymation snowmen eating smaller snowmen and melting. Sometimes, they barfed. I was basically a little, up-and-coming Steven Spielberg.

During high school and for a bit after, I worked in movie theaters. After graduating, I went to college for film. At some point in there, I read Robert Rodriguez’s 10 Minute Film School article. There are videos on it now, so here you go. And that ruined/post-poned my future in film.

One of the big points he made was to work with what you have available. The stories I wanted to tell in film were big, crazy robot and magic filled epics – stuff I wouldn’t be able to do on an indie budget. Also, I live in Wisconsin and not willing to uproot away from a place that has a freaking cheese castle. WE HAVE A FREAKING CHEESE CASTLE!!!

But I gots stories to tell, so I dialed it back to putting them on paper. Now I can put Sunshine into child-friendly Fear & Loathing meets Fantasia situations without having to worry about anyone saying no to “unrealistic expectations”. Ha.

I still like to play with video stuff, though. That’s never stopped. So here you go. This is for your eyeballs, your ears, and your imagination.

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