No Kindle? No problem.

Are you tired of lugging around all those heavy books? Of course, you are!

You could always leave your collection of classics at home. But what are you going to do if you end up waiting in some dumb line, or even worse, the waiting area at the emergency room? Well, if you don’t carry your entire library around in a wobble-wheeled grocery cart, you’re pretty much hopeless.

You could get a Kindle doohickey, but spending them hard-earned buckaroos is for the birds. Why add one more gizmo to your already gizmo-filled pockets?

Well, I’ve got some news for you!

If you’ve got a phone, tablet, or computer, you can get Kindle app for the stupid cool price of FREE! Wow! It’s like you just won! No. It’s like humanity won.

First, click here to get your free app.

Once you get it set up with your Amazon account and whatever other nonsense is involved, click here to get the ebook version my first book, Fear & Sunshine: Prelude. It’s also free because you’re so cool. And have great hair!!!

Oh! And if you’re hoping to get your mitts on this from outside of the land of America and Fear & Sunshine: Prelude isn’t free there, let me know. I’ll send you a copy directly and then try to work with Amazon to make it free in your country so that you can share it with your neighbors at your next barbecue.

Fear and Sunshine: Prelude
Fear and Sunshine
Fear and Sunshine: Dark Matters
Lost Tomorrow
The Color of Madness
Monsters Around the Campfire
Hello Halloween
Santa: Exposed
Breakfast Doodles: Super Collection
Breakfast Doodles: Volume 1
Breakfast Doodles: Volume 2
Breakfast Doodles: Volume 3
Breakfast Doodles: Volume 4
Breakfast Doodles: Volume 5
Breakfast Doodles: Volume 6
Breakfast Doodles: Volume 7
Breakfast Doodles: Volume 8
Breakfast Doodles: Volume 9