Well, hey there. I’m assuming you’re coming here from my Breakfast Doodles book. Hope you enjoyed it and it’s gotten you doodling your own weird things. If you ever come up with some sad cats being miserable at their day job, be sure to send it my way.

But that’s not why you’re here. You want some dessert! So, here we go.


Fear & Sunshine is my series of illustrated novels about a little hippie girl who finds out she’s the heiress to the greatest monster-making dynasty there ever was and the time has come for her to rebuild her family business.

Click here for links to the first book of the series for free

And since I don’t want dessert to end there, you should know that you can get even more stories for free by signing up for my newsletter. That includes Lost Tomorrow (think post-apocalyptic Alice in Wonderland with robots) and The Think Tank, the story of how the ZomBeans came to be.

I want your brain to get fat on books, so even if we’ve met and you’ve bought your copy at a comic convention or farmer’s market, be sure to sign up and find out how to travel even deeper down the rabbit hole of madness.

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