Here are the places you can find me online:

Donovan Scherer on Instagram Studio Moonfall on YouTube Studio Moonfall on Facebook Donovan Scherer on Twitter

Instagram is usually the first place to get a look at what I’m working on.
• Follow Studio Moonfall’s YouTube channel for work-in-progress artwork, adventures in comic cons, and more.
• Like Studio Moonfall’s Facebook page for all the news on Fear & Sunshine and my other stories.
• I’m super bad at using Twitter, so if you’re on there, be sure to say hello and maybe that’ll help me figure it out 🙂

And if you’d like to say hello in person, be sure to check the Calendar page to see where I’ll be.

To contact Donovan Scherer, please reach out through the Studio Moonfall website’s contact page or on its Facebook page. Talk to you soon!