Lost Tomorrow

While dealing with monsters is a regular thing in the lives of the characters from my stories, that’s not the only thing they have got to put up with.

Robots. As much help as they can be, if the wires get crossed, you can be in a world of trouble.

No worries, though. I just so happened to have written a book dealing with such mechanical menaces and since I want you to be safe in case we wind up in a SkyNet situation, you can have a copy of it for free when you sign up for the newsletter.

Use the form below to get your free copy of Lost Tomorrow, a post-apocalyptic Alice in Wonderland-style adventure and introduction to Fear & Sunshine, my series of monsters, mad science, and a little hippie girl.

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And hey, if you’re coming here from Monsters Around the Campfire and enjoyed the book, you can help give it the leverage it needs so that I can convince Netflix to turn it into a show by being sure to leave your five-star review on Amazon!