Breakfast Doodles: Vol. 4

The End is Nigh!
This volume welcomes you to Playground Apocalypse: Scraps, a series about miscreant children having fun in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Unofficially, it’s a sequel to a series I haven’t written yet. Officially, it’s my love letter to the Fallout series.

I’ve also figured out what to do with the Side of Bacon section! It’s now home to some sketches from my childhood, random works of artiness, and some of the Breakfast Doodles from before I started turning them into books.
Unfortunately, this volume also says goodbye to Workin’ Cats, my felines with serious workplace depression. But don’t worry! The sadness lives on in Emo, the Dread Knight of Adventure Quest Land.
Whoa! Even more changes! Adventure Quest Land ended up being way more work than I intended with those stories I was writing for it. Now, instead of writing stories, we’re breaking out the D20, Dungeons & Dragons style!
Embrace the change and pick up your copy today!!!