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#BreakfastDoodle Round-Up 10/16-10/22/2015

Here’s your Breakfast Doodle Round-Up for 10/16 through 10/22/2015. If you want your doodles served up daily, follow me on Instagram!

This week’s featured video, Getting Ready for Halloween, from the Studio Moonfall Youtube page:


Name: Ollamaru Class: White Mage Race: Claims to be the child of a lost fairy and the sound of wind but most people understand that this would be ridiculous Weapon of Choice: Hammers, clubs, and other things for smashing Not much is known of Ollamaru. When speaking of her history, the story is frequently contradictory and unbelievable. On different occasions, she has claimed to be 30 years old, 9 years old, born 419 years ago, dead for 3 days or 60 years, queen of the elves, an escaped slave of the squirrel king, a tree, the color lavender, a litter of kittens melted into person form by a witch, and so on and so on. Despite being a practitioner of white magic and healing remedies, she is quick to violence toward anyone she views as a threat to what she calls “the Landmother”. This has led her to be recognized as an eco-terrorist by the Law of many provinces. However, since most of the victims of her assaults are generally terrible people and by flashing her delightful smile, she typically gets out of any serious trouble. Without any current goals, Ollamaru is happy to help anyone who seems interesting and is on their way to adventure. After all, adventures generally lead to smashing in the faces of litterbugs. #breakfastdoodle #adventure #quest #adventurequestland #hippie #whitemage #dungeonsanddragons #fantasy #roleplaying #characterdesign #characterbio #drawlloween #inktober #inktober2015 #mask #doodle #drawing #illustration #sketch #ink #art #artist #daily #dailydrawing

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