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#BreakfastDoodle Round-Up 10/30-11/05/2015

Here’s your Breakfast Doodle Round-Up for 10/30 through 11/05/2015. If you want your doodles served up daily, follow me on Instagram!

This week’s featured video, The Fall, from the Studio Moonfall Youtube page:


On the way down Devil Hill Road, the journey begins for our trio of heroes. As they set forth on their first quest to defeat some vile student of the dark arts, little do they know what fate awaits them. Even I, bard of this tale and being very wise, have no knowledge of how the dice may roll on these adventures. Murg of Orchid, the doofus-faced fellow with the equally doofus-faced goat, seems most likely to be the first to perish. However, much is to be said of blissful ignorance and skill in brute force when charging headlong into battle. Although my opinion matters not to how the story will unfold, I would personally find it quite displeasing to see the dull-eyed ignoramus gutted by an kobold or some other mongrel. Peetza Barello, the one who stumbled upon this quest, and Ollamaru, the woman with the lingering stench of patchouli, appear to both be veterans in their respective skill sets. But will that be enough to get them through the trials beyond? #breakfastdoodle #adventure #quest #adventurequestland #thejourneybegins #roleplaying #dungeonsanddragons #d20 #raven #doodle #drawing #illustration #sketch #ink #art #artist #daily #dailydrawing

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Creatures of the Wasteland: Mole Rat

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Grumpiness extraction and bottling day at Darksmith Manor.

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Working in something

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