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It’s a Halloween Miracle!

You may have seen on my 1000th Instagram post the other day that we’ve got a special announcement. Amazon has set up something big for Studio Moonfall just in time to give a bit of Halloween throughout the upcoming holidays.
We’ve got ourselves a new store!
This is a one stop shop for all my monster/mad science/misfit work available on Amazon – print books, ebooks, t-shirts, and pop sockets. While I don’t think I’m any good at promoting my stuff online, I think I did a darn fine job hanging my shingle on the new storefront.
Check it out and be sure to share it if you like what you see. If we can get enough people helping make Halloween last till Christmas, maybe the next thing Amazon will give us is an animated series for any of the many ideas bouncing around in the think tank…

Click here to check out the Studio Moonfall Amazon Shop!

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Summer of Monsters #9

The End is Near

The last bits of monster fun this summer!

Just a few more shows before Wizard World Chicago so it’s time to stock up before winter comes to eat us all. And remember, if you bring a colored flyer or I see you wearing any of my super cool t-shirts at a show, you’ll get a free button.

Here’s the August lineup:

8/11 – Kenosha Harbor Market (Last day for the summer!)
8/12 – Mighty Con Madison
8/18 – Kenosha Library Comic Con
8/19 – Milwaukee Maker Market
8/23-8/26 – Wizard World Chicago

For more details and a sneak peek at September’s shows, visit

If you’re thinking about going to Wizard World, be sure to use my discount code “DONOVAN20” to save 20% on your ticket.

See you there!


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Summer of Monsters #8

Fear & Sunshine: Dark Matters

Are you ready for some monster fun this summer? Each week, we’ll be featuring some of my stories of monsters, mad science, and mischief so you can catch up!

Having found her place in the Darksmith legacy, Sunshine Saliente is now in the business of mad science. Though she would be more than happy to be spending her time watching clouds drift by and daydreaming of her happy days of living in a treehouse, there’s work to do. The doors of Darksmith Manor have reopened and its first customer has arrived.

There are, however, those who would like nothing more than to see the monster-making family come to an end, once and for all.

Pick up your copy today!

Happy reading!


P.S. If you've already read this book, loved, it, and would like to help so that I can keep writing, please be sure to leave a review on Amazon!

No Kindle? No problem!