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Counticon 2015 – Theta 360°

Grayslake, IL

And here are the artists I got to meet at the show. Check out their links and find your next favorite. Warning: You may have to grow a mustache for the twirling, you sophisticated patron of the arts.

Margaret Church

Lauren Schwabe

Ben Miller

Mike Piraino


Hugo V. Negron

Milo Miller

Luke Daab


Erin – Super Group Hugs

Anna Valente

Patrycja Palka

Bob Delaney


JM Dragunas

Pui Che

Helock Comics

Chad Tuura – Backwood Press

See you next year! For all my upcoming shows, click here!

The video and photos here were taken with a Ricoh Theta m15 360 Camera. If you have any crazy adventures you want to capture with this kind of crazy science machine, here’s where you find it: