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Now Serving Breakfast Doodles!

Have you ever rolled out of bed, dreading that cruel, cold bowl of porridge waiting for you at the breakfast table? Don’t worry, little orphan friend! I’ve got something that’ll start your day off right!

Breakfast Doodles 1 through 6 are now available on Amazon!


You may already be joining me in my weird morning ritual of Breakfast Doodles on Instagram, but now you can collect all this nonsense in majestic paperback form. Keep one of these doodads on the back of your toilet, you’ll be the talk of the town!

As a very cool bonus, if you buy your Breakfast Doodle books from Amazon, you’ll be able to get the Kindle version for free using their Kindle Matchbook whatchamacallit. And if you’re fancy and only read on Kindle, you can get the ebooks for 99 cents a pop. (and the first one is free just because I like you)

If you want to see what these doodles are all about, check them out on Instagram. If you want to support them so they stick around and to help me avoid more cruel, cold bowls of porridge, go buy a book or share them your friends who aren’t as cool as you are since they didn’t already know about this. If you want to join me in this weirdness, post your Breakfast Doodles on Instagram, tag me (@donovanscherer), and tag it #breakfastdoodle. I’ll keep an eye out for you and together we will be part of a complete breakfast!

Click here to get your Breakfast Doodle books!