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Fun with Fiction Podcast

I recently had a fun conversation about comic cons, children’s horror, and gathering the souls of readers to form an army. Click here to listen in on the Fun with Fiction podcast.

The interview is with Luke Morris, one if my internet pals that I just got to meet in person at the Mighty Con show in Dupage. He’s another indie author out there scaring kids with his work. Check out his series Cthulhu 4 Kids, a story about a super weird little dude named Milo and his playdate with everybody’s favorite tentacle-faced Old One.

C4KoverdddClick here to pick up a copy

If you’re a writer, the Fun with Fiction podcast is a good one. While it does go into the business side of things for authorpreneurism, it also talks a lot about the craft of writing. While my main influences are cartoons and PEZ, it’s cool to hear from people that read book-things.

So, check out the interview. I did drop a few too many details about some unannounced upcoming projects. Suppose I’ll have to get to work on that…