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Indiana Comic Con 2018

First road trip of the year!

We’re heading to Indianapolis for the Indiana Comic Con from March 30th to April 1st. This is … I think the fourth year there, so I’ll probably get beat up for not having the new Fear & Sunshine book done yet. But don’t worry! Sunshine and Bunny will be back to their madness soon.

This is a cool show if you haven’t been to it. All the artists are right in the middle so if you’re attending, you get a nice chance to come across some work you may not have seen before when shoving your way through tighter artist alleys. Even if you’re all the way up in Wisconsin, it might be worth the drive for you. Plus, you get to drive past all the gigantic windmills that are super creepy if it’s foggy out.

And since this show is one of the big ones, it’ll have a bunch of celebrities and comic creators that you can check out here. If you’re into animation, Indiana Comic Con is one of the best I’ve been to for meeting some of the actors from your favorite cartoons. I mean the voice actors. Not the cartoon characters.
Although you’ll probably see some people cosplaying them…

Hope to see you there and if I do, be sure to color up one of the flyers and bring it by for a free button. Or, if you despise coloring like some people do, anyone caught wearing one of my super cool t-shirts which are now available on Amazon, will also get a free button.

Indiana Comic Con