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Is That ZomBean Soup?

Before Indiana Comic Con, Fear & Sunshine will be stopping by the Bowls & Books Annual Soup Festival at the Rhode Theater in Kenosha, Wisconsin for the third time. Come by to meet local authors and fill your belly with soup from a bunch of area restaurants.

I’ll be there from 5-7pm on Wednesday, March 28th so make sure to bring your colored up show flyer or wear one of these brand new super cool t-shirts to get a free button.

For all the details for the show, here’s their Facebook page. And for some of the restaurants that’ll be competing for the city’s best soup, we’ve got:
• Francine’s Catering
• Gateway Cafe
• Kaiser’s
• Morelli’s Deli
• Ruffolo’s Pizza
• Skybox
• The Buzz
• Boat House
• Coffee Pot
• Captain Mike’s
• Pete’s Place
• Sazzy B’s
• Swede’s
• TG’s
• Twisted Cuisine

Fun Fact: I use the bowl that I got from the first of these that I did to heat up butter for popcorn. It’s really perfect for it. I don’t know if you can do anything with that information in your life, but there you go.