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The Breakfast Doodle Challenge!

It’s time to begin the #BreakfastDoodle Challenge!!!

For Friday mornings, I want your help deciding what I draw at the buttcrack of dawn, so here’s the plan:

• I’ll throw out some dumb trivia thing to test your brain on monsters or zombie apocalypse or why all of mankind should be well-versed in the Army of Darkness.

For the time being, I’ll just post these on the Studio Moonfall Facebook page. But since Facebook is terrible about letting people see posts from pages (did you know only 5% of the people who like the page will see this post? Bullhockey), I’ll be moving the #BreakfastDoodle Challenge into the email newsletter, which I’m going to start sending out weekly. So, sign up now so that you’re ready to rock when the time comes –

You’ll also be getting some free Fear & Sunshine stories for signing up, including the one I’m in the process of finishing which will be out in October.

• Whoever has the best answer or is first (I don’t know. Depends on the challenge?) wins the glorious opportunity to decide what I’ll draw for Friday morning’s Breakfast Doodle. Remember, this is a kid’s show so don’t be a skeevy perv… you know who you are… 😀

• The winner will be decided on Thursdays, around 8pm Central while the Challenge lives on Facebook, probably earlier once it moves to the email newsletter.

• Once you win, I’ll contact you. You’ll need to get me your idea for something awesome (if it’s not awesome, that’s okay, too) to draw for the Friday morning Free-for-All.

• And if you want that doodle all for yourself, I’ll mail it to you so you can stick it on your fridge.

I think that’s it. If you have any questions, hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.

Off to the day job…