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The Color of Madness

Are you ready to get crazy with color?

The Color of Madness is the first official Fear & Sunshine coloring book and will be available February 6th is available now!

The Color of Madness is now available!

Join Sunshine Saliente as she deals with her unexpected life as a mad scientist. The Color of Madness brings our little hero face-to-face with creatures of the night, lab experiments gone wrong, and brand new weirdos from the depths of Darksmith Manor.

Fun for kids and complex enough for adults, The Color of Madness will give you a taste of what Fear & Sunshine has to offer, whether you believe in monsters or not.

Based on the Fear & Sunshine series of illustrated novels by Donovan Scherer, this all-ages coloring book features 32 drawings by the author. After you’ve colored it up, be sure to check out Fear & Sunshine: Prelude to learn just how this saga of monsters, mad science, and a little hippie girl began.